Friday, March 21, 2014

Five Questions For You On A Friday

I have five questions for you on a Friday.
1. Have you ever done threading on your eyebrows? Threading is an ancient method of hair removal from India using thread. Superlatively better than plucking or waxing- why is that? - and hurts like a b'tard.

My threaded b-tard brows, the eyes saw too many goblets of ruby liquid last night

2. Have you heard of March Madness? A crazy-making month where sports watchers immerse themselves in a phantasmagoria of basketball. Every room I go into, every car I start in this household is tuned to a radio station that is saying things like: "Hey Brad! Now how about this for a terrific bar conversation? Name three of the best point guards in..." Degrees more tortuous than threading.

Cy, 10, warming up before five hours of telly watching. Photo by Harley, 16.

3. Where the heck is that plane? Apparently this is the only overseas news story that Americans have been consistently interested in. To the extent that it's being presented as a bizarre whodunnit and we are forgetting there are 239 people on that plane. The plane beeped on the radars of two countries without being reported (what were they smoking?)and the combined efforts of five countries can't find it. (Also did you hear about the 16 year-old who snuck up to the top of the World Trade Centre and took a selfie. Feeling safe much?)

4. Do you believe in God? I think I do, but I'm not religious and sometimes I wish I were. Life would be so much simpler and easier if I knew there was a plan.

View to San Fran from Kenny'nMike's place last night (roasted waterbuffalo with chanterelle sauce, cheesecake and ruby liquids in case you're wondering) God: if you're up there, could you reveal a little of your plan for me?

5. Has the death of designer L'Wren Scott lingered in your mind? Obviously I never knew her and I've never owned any of her beautiful dresses. Is it that she seemed to have it all and yet...? One line stayed with me. Mick Jagger once said that she had the "best body he'd ever known." Amid everything else she'd achieved at age 49, that is a lot to live up to. I wish some of the papers wouldn't refer to her as a friend or girlfriend, she was his partner for 13 years.

Think this photo shows show close she was to the family: Jade Jagger, L'Wren Scott, Georgia May, Mick Jagger

L'Wren Scott and Mick Jagger

Any answers to the questions?


  1. No
    The aliens did it
    Some sort of higher power

  2. 1. n/a
    2. Oh yes, I grew up mostly in basketball crazy North Carolina and my parents went to Duke (my father is in mourning as his Blue Devils were upset in the first round today)
    3. yes the news channels are milking it for all it's worth
    4. Deist or agnostic is probably closest to my views most of the time.
    5. Interesting article in today's NYT also revealed L'Wren Scott's business dealings were in big trouble. She comes across as too proud to ask Mick for help. I liked her and thought she and Mick were a great couple as she always came across as much more than a 'girlfriend'.

    1. Hi, yes I just arrived back from dancing to a spate of emails mentioning the Duke, thought it was some Royal who had made their way here without the knowledge of Hello! magazine. Have you read Bristol House? Not really about God but more thriller about religion and untowards operatings in Plague London including architecture. Sounds bizarre but I love everything anglo.

  3. I don't know that it would be easier to believe in God. You'd always have someone telling you how to live your life.
    Scott's death is definitely a puzzle. A beautiful woman with a famous partner and love in her life, How can you not wonder. Sad.

  4. 1. No, but have been curious. Your brows look beautiful. 2. Live in the THICK of March Madness -U of Louisville, my hometown, where my youngest son attends, won championship in 2013, and our big rival, University of Kentucky, has won many times. It is exciting if you live here. Second only to Kentucky Derby for the locals. 3. I know! about the plane! What's up with them not being able to find it?? 4. Yes, with all my being. 5. Horrible.

  5. No, they're getting too sparse, all on their own.
    No, never heard of it.
    The media is beating this one to death. I feel sorry for the families of the passengers.
    Yes, I do.
    Terribly sad and such a waste. The poor woman must have just been so distraught. All for being in debt? Terribly sad.

    1. I guess it must have been a melee of things. Apparently she had wanted children and more commitment..who knows? (article above says MJ was about to make that extra commitment to her...)

  6. 1 - Yes threading is really much better than waxing.some use threading as a toning device for the whole face
    2 - never heard of march madness
    3 - wish i knew
    4 - hopeful agnostic
    5 - feel sad that someone felt that bad to take their life but i never believed that privilege brings happiness anyway

    1. Good to know. I did not notice better toning, but effects of ruby liquids was pulling in other direction.

  7. I'm trying to catch up on all the posts I've missed!
    1) Yes I've had threading and didn't find it painful, but eyebrow waxing usually takes a layer of my skin off & leaves me with a scab - attractive!
    2) no clue about March Madness; year round sports madness, yes I know about that
    3) The plane.. what's going on? It's "Lost" all over again! (nuts but addictive tv series)
    4) Brought up in a reasonably religious household, then became unsure & I guess the answer is now "no" - but I'm scared to say it out loud
    5) Sad but not lingering I'm afraid

  8. Intriguing questions my dear!

    1) No, though as per GSL, I have seen some men in their 80s who could benefit from it
    2) I saw ten minutes of my very first MARCH MADNESS (a term that I believe must be spoken loudly and with great gusto). That was good enough for me - been there, done it.
    3) I remember when it took awhile to find the plane that disappeared off Long Island years ago. I feel so sorry for the families!
    4) I do, but it is a complex matrix involving energy fields and love!
    5) I was thinking of L'Wren all week and the juxtaposition of her death and that of another famously talented creative woman, Bunny Mellon, who died at 103. The moments of such extreme hopelessness in someone's life that lead to such a final solution are unfathomable to me and I always swing from extreme sadness for the person to anger, as her friends and family will now deal with guilt and what-if's for the rest of their lives. What a talented lady she was!

    1. Was Bunny Mellon the mother or grandmother to Tamara Mellon (formerly of Jimmy Choo shoes?)

    2. oh good question - I have no idea - I just know her as east coast decorate extraordinaire!

    3. Neither, TM married Matthew Mellon who provided early capital for Jimmy Choo. Bunny was married to Paul Mellon an Uncle of Matthew's I believe. Tamara divorced Matthew years ago but kept the name.

    4. And amazingly I will remember all that, but not whether I have picked up the drycleaning in the last month.

  9. Have I heard of March Madness?? I live in Kentucky - basketball is like a religion here :)

    And that plane mystery is fascinating me. So crazy.

  10. 1. Yes, I have an eyebrow person. I have tricky eyebrows, and will not touch them myself. Threading is the way to go.
    2. No, and it sounds like my idea of Hell
    3. I think a lot of other countries know a fair bit more than they're saying. If they say what they know, they will have to admit to having satellites trained on areas they might not want other governments to know they're keeping under surveillance.
    4. No, I'm too rational. I'm not a deeply spiritual person either (as I know a lot of people claim to be spiritual, but not believe in religious doctrine). I just get on with things. It's a nice idea though.
    5. Sad, especially given it was apparently due to money pressures(?) She was very talented.

    1. 2. Yes I thought I'd left sports mad behind in NZ, it followed me to here and implanted its craziness in my kids.

  11. 1. I've never had to pluck my eyebrows but this threading stuff sounds painful.
    2. MrBP is obsessed with the basketball, has bet on it along with my Dad who lives in Georgia, there's a constant back and forth on it which I ignore.
    3. WHERE IS IT
    4. Yes, definitely.
    5. All of that beauty and yet...utter despair. I've been upset by it all week and praying for her.
    Have a great weekend Tootie! xox

    1. 2. I call those similar conversations in our house : What the Dog Heard. Though maybe Teddy is into march madness too.

  12. 1. I have been threading for over ten years but I get my beard and mustache done. It does get easier because the hair eventually grows back in finer. My eyebrows I just pluck myself.
    2. Yep, having gone to Florida and now living here in Volunteer land, it's everywhere. Not a big basketball fan but March Madness is always fun.
    3. Our media will milk a story to death until another horrific tragedy comes along that they want to sensationalize. The plane is somewhere in the ocean, hopefully it will be found soon so they know what really happened.
    4. God is good.
    5. Suicide is the most selfish act. Have never understood, except maybe constant physical agonizing pain, why some one gives up.

    1. Have 'tache done as well. Heated debate of which area is most painful..

  13. 1. No, when you get older your eyebrows quit growing or at least mine did.
    2. Love sports, hate basketball, at 5ft. tall how could I identify with this sport?
    3. Everyone likes a good mystery, especially if it doesn't involve us directly.
    4. I do, but I sometimes wonder if He believes in me
    5. I'd hate to think I was only remembered for my "great" body.
    Have a great weekend

    1. 1. But as me and my peri menopausal friends say: where did that hair out of chinny chin chin come from? (another unsolved mystery)

  14. I didn't know L'WREN SCOTT died!Perhaps, I should read the paper!How?
    No, I have never done threading………..I wax the brows but not too much!
    The PLANE The PLANE………I think its in the bottom of the ocean.Other family members think its in a garage somewhere getting ready for the next attack!But then where are all the PEOPLE……….very sad indeed!

    1. LC, yes sadly she committed suicide, really a shock..

  15. Great post. My friend does threading. I've never done it. And March Madness is a must in N.C. Hope you are well.

  16. Hmmm, let's see
    1. Oh, no. I avoid pain whenever possible.
    2. I'm from (& still live in) Virginia, and I went to UNC-Chapel Hill, so it seems normal. People take TVs to work and if you need someone, he/she will be in the throng clustered round the TV. I greeted the news of Duke's fall with glee. It almost makes up for the prospect of more snow this coming week.
    3. This whole thing is troubling, starting with the fact that hardly anybody checks whether a passport presented by a passenger is on the Interpol list of stolen passports.
    4. Absolutely. Cannot imagine life without my faith.
    5. So very sad and such a waste.

  17. 1. No, but yours look grand!
    2. No, but I live in Canada.
    3. No idea. Twilight Zone, maybe?
    4. Yes; that's what motivates me towards compassion, and justice. Not the things with which stereotypical American Christianity has become associated. Does that make me a true conservative?
    5. She was a total stranger to me. I'm sad that she's dead, but it's not a lingering thought.

    1. Hi Rob-Bear, just to say I got your email too and loved your comments re spirituality. Unfortunately comments moderation means a lot of people think their comment has not gone through...wish there was a better system???

    2. Hi there, am posting your email too, as your additions on some of the questions interest me.
      Hi, Jody, mate:

      I left a comment for you, but it didn’t seem to hang in. So I’m trying this way.

      1. No; never heard of it, but your brows look wonderful on you. At least they do to me!
      2. No, but I live in Canada
      3. No, sadly. Twilight Zone? The media: majoring in the minors (as in minor events, compared to Crimea, and Syria, and Egypt, and. . . .).
      4. Yes, and that is the source of my commitment to compassion and justice. But my faith is not the stereotypical “American Christianity”; that “religion” seriously bothers me.
      5. Never heard of her. But I live in Canada. All deaths make me feel sad, but nothing about her lingers. Except a certain sadness about her relation to Mick.

      Blessings and Bear hugs, m’love.


  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Five Questions for Friday is a fun idea. With all the sharing going on throughout the blogs I feel as if we are all ready to move in together and make a happy announcement by Springtime!
    /Never threaded anything but a needle, but Im not adverse to the idea. I dont like pain though. Big Pain I can soldier through, Small Pain leaves me weeping. /I havent paid any attention to bouncy ball since I was a teen/what on Earth happened? such an interesting but predominantly tragic, story. I love that passengers on ships and planes are called 'souls'./spiritual atheist. but if I did accept a god, I think it would be female. It's not a popularity contest-I find men amazing, but I just think the job description is more suited to a woman/I hadn't heard of her before but what a desperate empty sadness she must have felt. And I agree that it is a very selfish act.
    Your son is handsome, and your eyebrows-and you-look great!

  20. Never done threading on my eyebrows, but my Bollywood princess knows all about it. She tells me it's like a scrub. Not my kind of scrub. I'm the only one in my family who doesn't believe in God. Somehow I can't believe we were made in his image. That doesn't mean I don't love him.

  21. Have tried the threading but not a big fan as all they are doing is breaking the hairs at the surface and they grow back in too fast.
    Have heard of March madness but have chosen to block it from my mind. What a waste of energies the thing is.
    The plane. This has me totally bamboozled but for some reason I am believing it is mechanical failure (electrical). I feel so sorry for the smears that have been cast on the crew when there is no proof of any such actions on their behalf.
    God, like you sometimes I wish I had something to believe in. Unfortunately, regardless of the religion involved, diehards seem so intolerant to others doesn't make me want to walk thru the doors of any religious establishment. However, the latest Pope has given me hope.
    Can't shake the L'Wren suicide from my thoughts. How does one get to the point where they take such an action. On the surface she had it all. Too many are choosing this option and I feel sad about this.

    1. Hi Toula
      Threading - oh that's good to know, the bumph always says they are pulling at the roots...but then its just bumph
      Plane: I know. they are now tracking down at bottom of sea, but the plane would have to be within a mile of where they are tracking.

  22. Oh, I just noticed new glam pic and asymmetrical 'do as I think it's called. You and Linda Fargo (loved her in that Bergdorf doco) rock it! Whatever you've been doing, it's working.

    1. Ha! actually its just the way my hair swished. Maybe I should give it a whirl? At uni I had it very short on one side and very long on another and noone wanted to sit on my short side.

  23. 1. Yes, but not recently. Had it done in India, here rely on a wonderful girl who waxes them into shape. I have a very thick mono brow otherwise
    2. Never heard of this, and have zero interest in sport
    3. I feel so awful for the relatives. It must be truly torturous not to know
    4. No, I believe in the goodness of people and the wonder of science.
    5. Again, such a terrible thing. Mental illness is so poorly understood.

  24. Never threaded. Haven't heard of March madness. Don't know where the plane is. I'm not sure what to make about God, although hope he forgives me for being a little sceptical of the Jesus story. The L'Wren Scott thing just makes me sad, especially so close after Charlotte Dawson. I've worked in facilities where suicide's not been uncommon, but that was amongst men... Always felt girls were low risk comparatively. Am changing my mind. Hope you have a fabulous week with your beautiful eyebrows x

  25. Hi there, did not know Charlotte Dawson as have not lived in New Zealand since I was 25. That was really sad. Gosh, she made some really interesting comments about NZ. I admire her for being brave like that.

  26. Jody,
    1. Have never threaded or even had brows waxed.. Maybe I should, as I'm getting blinder by the day and what I think looks okay may not.
    2. Yes, but no one in this house is into basketball, but grew up with a dad who was..
    3. Wish they would find that plane. Feel sad about all those folks.
    4. I am like you. Grew up Catholic, but getting less religious as I age.
    5.So sad about L'Wren. What a sweet picture of her and Mick's family. Shows you mental health is such a hardly understood and treated ailment. Surely she suffered from that if she couldn't cope with what seems like such a fabulous life she built for herself.
    Happy Sunday ! x Kim

  27. 1. Yuck no, I walk past a threading studio on the way to and from work - looks gross!
    2. Nope
    3. I check the news headlines each morning hoping that something has happened over night. This weekend we had big Chinese planes leaving Perth Airport - they were the size of Russian Antonovs heading off to join the search. I live near the airport so exciting times.
    4. Nope
    5. This is so sad, I feel so sorry for Mick and the girls. Missed seeing the famous Rolling Stones plane land and take off at Perth airport due to being at work.

  28. I like a good pluck myself.

    Clever camera work from Harley! Love that.

  29. I've never had my eyebrows threaded and I doubt I ever will, ha. Maybe if I dare myself. Looks sore really. I wish they would find the plane soon, very strange really. But, it would be great if they could find it for the families really. So strange how it's just gone. Yes, I believe in God, I don't go to any church as I feel they don't represent the Bible too well. But, I have faith & try to live as best I can and have love for people. It's always sad when someone decides to end their life, I always wonder what they had been feeling to make them want out, famous or not famous, she was feeling something to make her want to do that & that makes me sad really. I hope that anyone that has had to deal with grief like that will find comfort somehow!! xx

  30. 1] My eyebrows are a bit sparse. I don't know why as I've never over plucked... I'm thinking of buying an eyebrow pencil.

    3] We have a bit about the Ukraine on the news today... but mostly the news is about plane debris... makes me wonder what they're hiding, I mean there must be other news!

    4] I feel the same as you... sometimes I wish I had faith, but I don't.

    5] Very sad.... but isn't Mick little!


    1. He is though she was 6ft.4. There is also another gorgeous photo of her with Sarah Jessica Parker...did you see that one, where she is more than 12 inches taller than SJP.

  31. I LOVE threading! Sooooo much better than anything else and it can be done incredibly cheaply if you know where to go (and you're brave enough to go there!) As for Basketball, I know nothing but am very glad we don't have to suffer it over here. Mind you, it will be as bad in the summer when the World Cup is on :( I get the distinct feeling that we're not being told all there is to know about that plane and I think I share your views on God! As for poor L'Wren Scott, I just feel desperately sorry for her and for the family and friends she left behind. x

    1. Threading...I always wonder if it hurts their teeth (or makes their teeth better, kind of like flossing all day)

  32. Ansers:

    Under the sea

    That was easy.

    Can I have another test please Miss?

  33. Replies
    1. Tut, tut, you missed the bad spelling.
      4½ stars at the most.

  34. I've been thinking so much about L'Wren and about how so many who seem to have it all, don't.

    I believe in God. Absolutely.

    I've had threading. Too painful. I hope Cara Delevigne never goes out of style!

  35. I always get my eyebrows threaded now, as it gives such a great shape. Yes, you are so right about the missing plane, the knock on effect to the relatives and friends of the missing will be with them forever. xx

  36. Oh geez-I'm just catching up as my work life has cut into my blogging. Yes, I've been thinking about L'Wren. It is so sad-apparently she hosted a dinner party the night before. Just goes to show we never truly know what goes on behind the scenes. I do believe there is plan and my faith gives me comfort-especially when I lost my dear dad. Comfort and peace kinda rocks in this world.
    xx, H

  37. I have a comment about question 1. Threading!!
    As a man leaving in Dubai, where men are as vain as women, if not more... I have to say we thread too!!
    It is funny and fun to walk into a man's salon, and voila... there we are. Shaving, waxing, threading away. We wax nostrils, earlobes, etc... we thread edges of those thick beards, earlobes and brows. Feels clean. About the pain.. eah... but if feel good!! :)

  38. I grew up with March Madness. My parents were huge Kentucky Wildcat fans and my brother played all during high school. It is just that madness! It's just too much basketball at one time for me. I have never heard of Threading but it sounds painful! We absolutely believe in God and see him working in our lives everyday.So many churches preach condemnation and judgement and I believe that is so incorrect. We should focus on Gods grace and his love for us. I think it is so sad that someone would be so unhappy or distraught that they would take their own life. I agree with you that more should have been reported on the passengers than on the missing plane.

  39. I must believe in God. I pray to him every night and if in dire straits during the day - and include my late husband. Faith is what matters (IMO) not religion. I decided many years ago to cut out the middle man


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