Friday, February 4, 2011

First Friday Giveaway: Navy Blue!

Fashion For Grown-ups: This is what being over 40 really looks like!

Now I've reached more than 70 followers, what a great time to launch my First Friday of the Month Giveaway! Today my friend Lisa has joined me to celebrate Navy Blue.  My giveaway is a Hobo patent leather clutch wallet in midnight blue (it's darker than it photographs) which retails at $100.

Be in to win! Simply leave a comment below saying what your favourite navy item is - doesn't have to be clothing. The winner - chosen by a random process - will be announced next Friday 11 Feb. This competition includes everyone in the world, as my kids would say.

You may already know I never wear black. It drains the colour from my face and navy is a great substitute.  I am constantly fighting my urge to visit all style lands -- oooh Morrocco in the Seventies, Preppy in the Fifties, Dogtown skater chick!  Or as Jenn from The Suburb Experiment says: "My clothing is a dysfuctional family fighting for attention and unwilling to work with others." For me, navy unites that family.

My husband gave me this cardy a year ago and I loved it but never wore it: it looked very fine and precious.  I was keeping it "for good" but it looked too mumsy with slacks and too summery with white jeans and striped tee, so broke out the worn jeans. Sorry about the weird pose, just wanted to show you the white piping under arms. These Ugg boots are slim enough to wear with just about anything. Ugg never made anything as tapered again. Ugg people - do this style again, it's brilliant!
Cardigan: Zac Posen
Boots: Ugg
Scarf: Gap

This coat always makes me feel like a kid - just before this photo was taken I found myself standing in first position, just as if I were five years old again at Whakatane's Shirley Dibble Ballet School. Love the silver buttons, unexpected and fun.
Shoes: Ferragamo, thrift shop

I've been wearing this Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit for six years and last year added the DVF grey ruffle blouse. The stacked-heel oxford lace-ups are incredible, but sooo uncomfortable.
Blouse:  DVF
Jacket: Theory
Pants: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Michael Kors

This was a Monique Lhuillier cocktail dress that was too low and too short and I was always tugging at it. I had it cut into a skirt and casualed it up with my good ole greige boots, old cardy and new beige belt.
Cardy: Vince
Belt: Anthropologie

I know I've posted a pic of this sweater jacket before, but I can't tell you how much use I've had out of it.  You can wear it with high shoes or boots or the UGGs above.
Sweater Coat: Anthropologie

This time of the year is tricky because the weather is all over the place (a warm day here...a need for layers there) the stores are picked over or showing fab but not yet needed resort wear, or while I lust over J Crew's latest catalog, I'm  still not ready to pony up the cash as I'm still coming down from my holiday high.

So I shop in my own closet and and find that I'm pretty consistently drawn to navy. I wear the blazer all the time, the striped tee is my go-to piece for comfort, the ruffled blouse always makes me feel girlie and happy. Navy is warmer than black for daytime but still sharp enough for night.

Navy jacket: Gap
Red flower pic: Nordstrom
Navy top: Cabi
Jeans: Seven

Navy belted dress: Anthropologie
Shoes: Anne Taylor

Navy Ruffle Blouse: Floreat

Favourite striped comfy tee: Old Navy (with photographer, Charlie, five)

Now my wonderful readers, Lisa and I will wander off into the (navy) blue, while you make your comment!


  1. Congratulations on hitting 70!!
    ... definitely a cause for celebration =).

    So~ I do love navy blue. One of my favorite colors to wear. Currently, my favorite item a simple v-neck long-sleeved tee with a few little buttons.

  2. Jodi, navy is a great color. I prefer to see it worn on good looking sailors. Actually, I love anything nautical. I love navy paired with white.

  3. Navy Blue is actually my #1 absolute favorite colour of all time. My favorite "item" is my navy blue land rover with navy blue leather.

  4. I actually just bought a "little navy dress" in stead of a "lbd" becacuse, like you said, I think navy looks better on me than black (though I still do wear black). My favorite navy item has to be that dress!!

  5. Congratulations on your milestone! You are one chic mom, really. I have to say after years of wearing navy blue school uniforms from elementary through high school I just can't bring myself to wear it. But it looks great on you!

    Happy weekend!

  6. Navy blue, in my opinion, is the color of intellect. I mean, really, it's virtually impossible not to look utterly smart and fabulous in navy. It's like black's smarter, younger sister who goes on dates with cuter boys.

  7. Navy is also my dark color of choice. So dignified, but warm. I kinda like Katie's point, above:).

  8. i love the last photo! and congrats on reaching over 70 followers! :D

    my favorite navy item is my blazer. :D

    <3, Mimi

  9. Wow, Jody, you look great! I just put two and two together and found your blog. I'll come back!

  10. I have a favorite navy blue scarf, it always make me feel chic;)

  11. i really love how you modified the monique lhuillier dress! impressive.
    you both look lovely!

  12. Navy blue and white strips are my favorite!

    Please don't pick me as the winner...I already have a Hobo clutch. A gift from Lesley and I love it! Congratulations on your milestone Jody. You keep me laughing.

  13. Congratulations on reaching 70 followers. feels great right?!

    My favorite navy item would be my ruffled top that i got from forever 21. :]

    my email is


  14. Luv your photos! You're so stylish! Congratulations on 70. Digging through my feedburner stats now, I'm so inspired.

  15. Congrats on hitting 70! When I see your blog email in my inbox, I forgo all other messages and click yours first!!
    I'm an avid navy fan and was just hoping the sun stays out for an upcoming shower so I can wear my navy tunic with white piping and white slim pants...feels like spring!!

  16. I love navy Jody and it looks great on you! I think it's a color that looks good on just about everybody but especially blondes.

    p.s. Congrats on your following! Love Hobo stuff!

    xo Mary Jo

  17. What a good idea to unify your closet with a color. All the outfits you have posted look stunning on you and congrats on hitting 70!

    Jenn (I remembering! Hehe)

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog again.

    I love seeing all this style stuff. My style right now is ripped jeans (because I'm clumsy) and tee shirt. I'd like it to be more but alas, I don't live near any cool stores, I have a preschooler, and I'm just clumsy. I also prefer natural fibers, which is hard to find in the poly dominated clothing stores right now.

    My favorite navy item is a Jaguar S-Type. :D

    P.S. What's your email so I can respond to your comments? Thanks!

  19. I am wearing the same pants I wore yesterday and the day before. i'm a disaster.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciated your comment. Have a love weekend.

  20. You look great in Navy! I wish I looked as good in this shade!

    No navy clothes, my favorite navy item is a teapot!


  21. You are so FAB! and I can comment again--yippee

  22. congrats :) seems like an awesome giveaway
    i love navy blue tops whether it be striped tees or beautiful blouse like you've shown us in this post

  23. what's my favorite navy item? anything cute wearing bell bottoms and a sailor cap :-)

  24. love that clutch and especially the retrofitted monique dress to skirt action.
    i have a navy boatneck tee that I dress up and down all the time. such a versatile color!

    and congrats on 70!! make me 71!

  25. Tomorrow night I'll be wearing my favorite "ink blue" dress (my friend Amber gave me that term; said when she worked for Calvin Klein that's what they call dark navy, navy-almost black, which i love). This is an SF-designed, well-worn classic that has taken me from luncheons to dinners to - ee gads - funerals. It's equally great with any kind of heel, or high-heeled boots. Best with Black, but dark brown is an option. Tomorrow night I will put on one of my big Stella & Dot necklaces, probably the new Bomboleo, to add some intrigue and step it up a notch. Love the big bling with a classic dress!
    Thanks for reminding me about my blue, Jody. I, unlike you, sometimes get stuck in black! xo Laura

  26. Congratulations on hitting 70 followers, although I must say I thought it would be much more than that. I love reading your blog - it always puts a smile on my face.

    My favorite navy item of all time would have to be my classic Talbot's navy blue peacoat. Now that the weather is turning to an early spring, I will pair it with my bargain priced Target navy blue peep toe wedges.

  27. My favorite navy items is an old, but classic Polo Ralph Lauren rubgy shirt. It's thick cotten, great with jeans, never fades, and looks good dressed up or dressed down.

  28. well done on the 70 followers. i'm a fan of navy, always have been and always will be... my most favorite item is probably our navy blue land rover followed by my navy blue classic peacoat (from canvas).

    thank you for the chance. i'm crossing my fingers.


  29. It's Friday and I'm probably too late to enter the draw but thought I'd share my favourite navy blue object. I'm actully wearing it as we speak - a really cool lapis lazuli and silver necklace that my ex-hubbie bought me in Oman. The reason I REALLY REALLY like it is that he bought his new girlfriend the exact same one (I know I'm strange!). The things is I KNOW and she doesn't. She turns up here in France proudly wearing it and I can snigger that she thinks he's wonderful and I KNOW that he's not!!! Of course I only wear it when I know that neither of them are in the country. Easily done, the jerk-off alarm goes off when he shows his passport at French immigration!!! Linda

  30. So happy you've hit 70 Jody! Not surprising though--your writing is interesting and funny! I probably shouldn't admit this, but it's the only blog I read for pleasure. All others are for work and not nearly as entertaining. I wear more black than blue...unless you count my many pairs of favorite blue jeans! Probably the standout navy thing I love is something I borrowed from Laura G. once for a black-tie event--a gorgeous navy gown!


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